Courses from Dr. Carter

Each course features modules with lessons, videos, and an extensive workbook.


This Is Me is a course designed to retain your self-respect through setting boundaries with the narcissist in your life.


Ready, Set, Connect is a course designed to help you build relationship skills, remain assertive, and live an authentic life.


Free To Be is a course designed to live free of the narcissist’s mind games and be the person you are meant to be.

Webinars from Dr. Carter

Each webinar features a recorded presentation, accompanied by reflective questions.


What You Need to Know About Malignant Narcissists

If you have had encounters with a malignant narcissist, this recorded webinar is for you.


A Narcissist’s Anger Versus Your Calm Confidence

If you have had to deal with a narcissist’s anger, this webinar is for you.


Covert Narcissism And Post Traumatic Stress

If you have been bonded to a covert narcissist, this webinar is for you.