I’m Dr. Les Carter, author, psychotherapist, and speaker.

Having a wholehearted enthusiasm to meet people at their point of need, I work to become an embodiment of encouragement and grace. Discovering truth and insight is a good thing – however, living it is even better.

I’m privileged to be a best selling author, having written 20 books on emotionally healthy living, including:

  • The Anger Trap

  • Enough About You, Let’s Talk About Me

  • The Anger Workbook

  • When Pleasing You Is Killing Me

I’m also the founder of  MarriagePath, a comprehensive and effective approach to marital restoration and growth. You can find a few of my MarriagePath Podcasts on this site. To view all of the podcast episodes visit  MarriagePath.com.


I’ve appeared in over 3000 radio broadcasts including 11 years with call-in talk show, “The Minirth-Meier Clinic.” I’ve conducted seminars and workshops across America, including:

  • The Anger Workshop

  • The Emotional Awareness Seminar Series

  • Managing Conflict in the Workplace.


As a psychotherapist I’ve been in private practice since 1980 concentrating on going beyond the teaching of good people skills (as important as that is), giving special attention to the meaning of emotions and behaviors in such a way to reflect core values and guiding principles. I emphasize conceptual thinking as a means of informing and shaping life habits. My specialty is in the treatment of mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, with a special expertise in anger management, marital counseling and extramarital affairs.

Early in my career I began teaching classes on anger management and conflict resolution. Since marriage and family is a common arena for conflict, my specialty includes marital and family communications.


I graduated from Baylor University in 1976 and completed my M.Ed. and Ph.D. degrees from North Texas State University in 1980.  In my 25 years with The Minirth-Meier Clinic I specialized in bringing the worlds of psychology and spirituality into harmony.

Now at the Southlake Psychiatric and Counseling Center my work continues with psychotherapy taking up the bulk of my time.  By now I have had close to 60,000 sessions with individuals and couples.


Dr. Les Carter