When you were a young person, how many times did a parent or trusted advisor talk with you about the most successful ways to manage your anger? If you are like most, the answer is: “It didn’t happen.” If you are to negotiate your relationships most appropriately, you will need to have a strategy regarding the management of this emotion.

Anger is experienced each day in many forms. Don’t be fooled. Though you may not shout or scream each time you feel frustrated, your anger can still play a major role in your relating style. How aware are you of your tendencies? More importantly, have you made plans to be at your best when this emotion visits your personality?

Look over the sections on anger listed below to get an idea of the ways your anger can be managed.

Anger Inventory

What Is Anger

Suppressed Anger

Openly Aggressive

Passive Aggressive

Assertive Anger

Releasing Anger


For additional help take a look at The Anger Workbook.